Why do Teens need God?

Why Teens need God

There are many disappointments in life, but teens can be rest assured that God will never fail them. God can be trusted, His nature has been unchanging since inception and it will remain unchanged for eternity. 

The main reason why teens need God is because of the vulnerability and confusion that happens with the teenage stage. It is believed to be the most confusing stage that can ever be experienced by teens. There are many unanswered questions in the hearts of teenagers, and the devil is constantly taking advantage of these innocence and ignorance to exploit them.

In this present day, the teen years have been hijacked by different vices of which has caused more harm than good to teenagers. This includes; Pleasure, pressure from school peers and the society, distraction such as games, smart phones and social media. None of these things give teens the purpose they were made for. Finding purpose as teens is trusting in God alone to help you. He gives you an identity that fills you with satisfaction and joy.

In the scriptures God talks much about delighting in little children and his eagerness to hear them. It is however no doubt that teenagers need God's ever listening ears to help them resolve the constant confusion life is throwing at them through his word and the Holy Spirit.

Problems Teens face:

1. Depression

This has taken a toll on teenagers which makes them often pull away from friends and family. It causes them to feel hopeless; like everything around is falling apart. The devil uses this to take away their freedom. He does this by filling minds with gloom and darkness which might result in them having suicidal thoughts. 

However, God wants to help teens live free from depression. He wants to fill them with joy and hope for a better future.

When depression attacks, what they feel like doing is giving up. Thus, the way teens should respond to depression is by resisting the devil through God's power (1st Peter 5:8-9). Its important to resist the devil immediately because the longer they allow it to remain in their hearts and minds,the harder it is to resist.

2. Sexual Impurity 

Sexual impurities is another reason why teens need God.

In a society where pressure and temptation exists, teens may find it hard to keep themselves pure from sexual sin. This is caused by watching explicit contents (pornography), bad company of friends, excessive use of alcohol etc. However, the grave consequences that follows sexual sin is inevitable as teenagers;

  1. lose their self respect.
  2. Begin to nurture terrible feelings of guilt.
  3. Physical consequences (pregnancy, STD's, etc)
  4. Bring great pleasure to satan and thereby displeasing God. 

Thus, teens need to have a consistent relationship with God in order to be free from sexual sin. This is possible by reading the word of God and christian books, fellowship with the children of God and also by filling their minds with positive things so as to keep away sexual thoughts.

3. Drug Abuse

4. Cyber Addiction.

5. Defiant Behaviours.

These and many more are enough reasons why teens need God in their everyday lives. They need God to give them direction and a purposeful life.

They should understand that God has a purpose for them that reaches beyond what they can imagine. His purpose is bigger and stands firm regardless of what life brings.

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