The Purposeful Teen (PT.2)

Dear, Purposeful Teen. 

There are powerful mind postures to take and not take if you’d live a purposeful life. I’ll be revealing to you, two categories of lifestyle that controls the entire human pursuit. So, this means, every man you meet is being controlled by one of these two mentalities. That is, what sponsors their pursuits and ventures can be due to any of these two mentalities. 

The Individual Mentality (BE)

The Individual-Mentality is one key that sets you for progressive progress and productivity in your purposeful journey. It helps you in leading a purposeful life perpetually. It is a powerful key to leading a purposeful life as a teenager. It should be your way of life and you should allow it restructure your mindsets to life and living.

What is the Individual-Mentality and why should we embrace it? 

The individual-Mentality is not so common among humans, as most people have been trained by culture and background to do what no one else is doing. They believe that’s uniqueness. That is, uniqueness means doing something entirely new. 

However, this is not true! Five people can be doing same thing and yet differently. This is where uniqueness comes in.

So “The Individual Mentality”, does not make ‘people’ the focus in anyway. God’s word is the focus. What has God told you about your life? That should be your drive and the main reason behind all your pursuits as a teenager.

If you don’t yet know what God has said or what He wants you to do. Stay in fellowship with Him and you’d discover it. Don’t cloud your mind by engaging in just anything. 

It will be of interest to you to know that, only a few who have chosen to be intentional about their lives are holding this key. They’ve built the Individual Mentality over time and it has settled in their minds.

The individual Mentality believes; 

• You are unique and there is a portion of you, in you that a people (now and to come) needs. 

• There is more in You to discover and improve on daily

• You have an audience for you - You are needed, and many are waiting for you. 

From the above beliefs, it is very clear that the focus of the Individual-Mentality is YOU.It’s about YOU and not THEM.

This doesn’t mean you can not grow through people. Yes, of course! People are needed in this journey of purposeful living. Mainly  to contribute to you by teaching, correcting, inspiring and guiding you. But, you must never believe people have done it all and  there’s nothing you can do or there’s nothing needed from you. No! You need to shift from that belief, It’s about YOU and not THEM!!! 

Having looked into this category, let’s see the other category. 

The Crowd Mentality

What is the Crowd-Mentality and why should it be avoided? 

The Crowd-Mentality is a common mentality. It is a mentality because it settles in the minds of men and keeps them down. It is one of the most dangerous principles of life which is a result of making useless comparisons and bringing people to complacency! It’s a blindfold that keeps highly potentials to a corner thereby making their light hidden for their audience to see.

It believes that;

• Once there are too many people playing a role, one does not need to join in playing same role.
That is, one should find something entirely different. I tell you, you’d keep looking for that ENTIRELY different thing maybe till you grow old unless God shows you mercy. 

• People will never see you as qualified for that job/role. Oops! You can’t do that! 

• You don’t have an audience. People won’t care to look up to you.

From the above beliefs, it’s very clear that the focus of the Crowd-Mentality is PEOPLE. This is not supposed to be, because It’s about YOU and not THEM! Yes, they have something to offer, so do you! Embedded in all men are unique and priceless values to add to the earth. So, it doesn’t matter how many people are playing a role already, just get to work on yourself. Discover, improve and see yourself affecting positively your designated audience.

We all have an Audience

Of course, there’s an audience for you (now and in the generations to come). Have you noticed while one man loves listening to Myles Munroe, another loves listening to Steve Covey even though they’re both speakers? That’s it! It’s a function of their audience.
So also, a people now and to come will need you. And, you have a duty to rise now and keep building. It’s about YOU and not about THEM!!!

It is also important we know that the Crowd-Mentality can make you compete and compare yourself against people all your lives. You keep thinking about people, so you improve yourself from the standards of people, to beat people or to fit into people’s level. In so doing, you don’t get to touch some raw potentials in you, and you get to abandon the uniqueness in you that the earth needs.

The Crowd-Mentality limits, It will only land you in unwholesome competitions, self hatred, depression, confusions, etcetera. 

The way out

This mentality can be avoided by the consistent teaching and re-teaching of one’s mind on Divine Purpose and also actively engaging and improving yourself, and not giving up at all!

While the Crowd-Mentality is to be avoided, the Individual-Mentality is to be embraced.


 I’d like to emphasize on the point that says, "there’s always a gap to fill." You are an answer. All you need is a mind Shift. And, Yes, Shift, it’s about YOU and not THEM. Keep declaring that to yourself - It’s about me and not them. It’s about what God has said concerning me and not them. 

When you forget these things, remind yourself again. It could take time to master, but keep practicing. Remember living purposefully is a conscious practice (lifestyle). 

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