The Purposeful Teen (PT. 1)

The Purposeful Teen

Have you ever sat to wonder why you're on earth? Do you find yourself among people who consider it okay to venture into anything, be it good or bad? Are you under pressure to give in to what is popular amongst your peers? 

It is normal for man to live anyhow and lead any lifestyle, not minding how it affects others because he is void of the understanding of his PURPOSE on earth.
But, if we must leave a LONG-LASTING positive mark on others and on this earth, we must chose to live beyond and above that normal.

Choosing to live beyond and above the normal is to chose to “Live Purposefully”. Anyone  can make this choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re still a teenager, or you’re already an adult. You can choose to live purposefully. Have you ever wondered what it means to live Purposefully? Maybe you've not and that's fine. I'll start by telling you what Purposeful living is not!

What Purposeful living is not

Overtime, purposeful living has been limited to the possession of things and the satisfaction that follows.
However, purposeful living goes beyond the satisfaction derived from having material things and self happiness brought about by achievements.

What is Purposeful living? 

Purposeful Living is a journey; basically a journey with a cycle running from discoveries to improvements to deliveries to improvements and re-discoveries and on.

This means your purposeful journey covers series of discoveries and improvement. That is, in the journey, you’d discover your potentials, your Strength, your place, your weakness and how to maximize all of these. You’d never outgrow this journey. It continues even till your old-age.
You may be asking, where does purposeful living starts from? How do I start living purposefully? 

Purposeful living as a journey starts with;

1. Knowing to understand you came to this earth for a PURPOSE.

Now, you’d have to reread this first point.
You need to know to understand; that is being able to come to the fullness of knowledge and allowing the knowledge be your drive.

You didn’t just show up here by mistake. You came as a result of a Divine plan. That Divine plan was clearly stated in scripture in the beginning, when God said “Let us make man” (Gen.1:26).

Attached to that plan to make man was a role for man. So man was made, blessed and sent to the earth with a role. So, attached to your coming are roles, potentials to discover and improve on etcetera. So, your passion and pursuits should be towards fulfilling accurately your roles as you discover and improve on your potentials (inherent abilities which could later be called skills, talents or gifts) because you’ve been blessed for the role.

2. Having the mindset that You are “Living to fulfill.”

What this means is that you live each day with a mindset that “every day is an opportunity given you by your Creator to fulfill purpose; satisfy the earth’s need or meet a demand on the earth.”

Yes! The earth has needs. That is why you were sent to this earth. For example, no one would send anyone to the Managing department of a company, if they don’t fit in to meet the needs in that department. So also, you won’t and can’t be on earth, if you have nothing to do here. Believe it! 

You’re here because the earth needs you, and, how you came, your background, can not alter that truth. The earth needs each and every man on earth, because they all have that uniqueness to contribute as an answer to satisfying the needs of the earth. 

Now, these two points above are the greatest definition of what purposeful living means.
Meditating on the definitions and trusting the Holy Spirit to help you get the fullness of the definitions, will begin to sharpen your mind and cause your plans to aid you to living purposefully.

All you would ever want to do will always be to the end that purpose is fulfilled.
That alone is powerful to restrict you from spending your time doing the unnecessary. 

Any creature called man, who must lead a purposeful life must be intentional about his life and all that is embedded in him and he must make sure he practically improves himself daily towards the fulfilment of his purpose on earth. 

Having gotten insights into what Purposeful living is, then we must also look into some “Be and Be not” in living Purposefully. These “Be and Be not” are the actual keys that aids one to Living Purposefully. While the ‘Be’ implies that you imbibe the principles, the “Be not” clearly encourages that you reject the principles. 

Want to know some “Be and Be not?” Make sure to follow the next part. Same topic, same author.

Feel free to leave your questions in the comment box. 

Great Grace to you, Purposeful Teen.

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  1. I am here because the earth needs me, I believe it!!. Thank you so much for this writeup.

  2. When, PURPOSE is known; Time is spent wisely. Thank you, ma.


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