Repentance: The Lost Message of the Church

Matthew:4:17 From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

There is only one message that the church has stopped preaching about and which have caused alot of problem to the church which is the message of REPENTANCE, the message of repentance has been forgotten and probably lost among the modern day churches. We have heard all other messages but no impact and revival.

The only message that will bring total change and bring revival to the church is REPENTANCE.

Lack of genuine repentance has caused sin to abound and multiply. It has caused powerlessness to become the order of the day. It has opened doors for different kind of heresy and fallacy in the church of God and in the life of an individual.

God is not careless about His standard, and He cannot compromise His standard for nothing sake. When the people refuse to acknowledge Him as God and refuse to walk in the ancient path He leaves them to the hand of the enemy to deal with them. When a Nation is not upholding righteousness He allow satan to have free will and cause serious havoc. 

Beloved what happened to Israel as a nation can happen to anybody who refuse to uphold righteousness. For good 400 years Israel didn't have any message from God, the 'prophets' were seeing fake vision and proclaiming peace when there is no peace, the heaven was closed against them until Jesus came and the first Word of God He will preach was Repentance. Why Repentance? God couldn't talk to them because they have decided to walk in their own ways.
Beloved Repentance is the reason why most Christian lack the power of God. Many of us claim we are right with God but deep conviction of sins and sorrowfulness of what is going on in the church of God is not there. We pretend like as if we are not concerned. 
Souls are not been won regularly to Christ in our gathering, we gather for prayer meeting but no fire and demonstration of the power of God, we teach the Word but no impact in the life of people, people are not been changed. We neglect the rut going on in the church of God and keep on running after the things of this world, we neglect our lack of spiritual power and the gradual decay of our spiritual life but happy to purse after our own self ambition. Is this how we will continue and allow the cankerworm to eat up the church? Is this we will continue looking at ourselves not been revived? We need to repent quickly,we need to return to our first love. 

The kind of messages the church preached now are messages that pamper their crooked walk with God, are fireless messages that can never take them anywhere, motivational messages that lack holiness and brokenness. We glory in what we should be shedding tears for, we laugh at what we should be mourning for. Beloved this is a serious matter. The church has lost become silent due to lack of revival. The power of God has become past tense instead of present tense. We tell ourselves history of what happened during the time of great men and women of God like Ayodele Babalola, Benson Idahosa, Ajayi Crowther, John Wesley, John Knox, Jonathan Edwards, etc. When will this present generation demonstrate the power of God? When will you become a phenomenon for Jesus?

It is a pity that men that are supposed to be prophet are now parrot, women that are supposed to be prophesying as prophetess are going about with half naked clothes.

The prayerlessness that has plagued this generation is because there is no deep repentance in the heart of men. When God open your eyes to what prayer is all about and what prayer can do, you will weep bitterly for not praying enough and for the behavior you develop towards prayer. When there is repentance people cry out with great passion for the spirit of prayer and supplication, when there is repentance people don't joke with their prayer altars. 

Elijah didn't jump down from heaven, he was a man like you and I, this man locked the windows of heaven by prayer for three and half years there was no rain and he opened it again. Joshua was a man like you, he commanded Sun to stand still until victory is won. Paul and Silas were men like you and I, they prayed and there was an earthquake of deliverance. 

A man once prayed to God to give him Scotland or he die. What are you using your prayer altar to do? Many Christian cannot intercede for their family and friends, even for the church of God. When will we see people who will use their prayer altar to pull down satanic? Ayodele Babalola and his aggressive prayer warriors entered a demonic forest and chased out all demon and idols that demand worship, the power of God electrocuted a snake that confronted them. 

What are you doing with your prayer altar? How many Battles have you won with your prayer altar? 

Alot of believers cannot divorce their bed and they want the power of God, many cannot spend quality night time in prayer and supplication unto God.

When there is repentance, people go out on aggressive evangelism. It is in this generation that people are forced to evangelized, people are motivated to share the gospel. It makes me wonder if we are actually going to the same heaven Peter and Paul and the rest of the Apostles went to? Paul was beheaded because of this same gospel, Peter was crucified up side down because of this gospel, some martyrs were burned alive because of this gospel, some were given to lions to eat, some were given painful slow death all because of this gospel. Yet they didn't deny the faith, they preached and souls were won to the Kingdom of God. In the last 3 months how many souls have you won to Jesus? How many people have you lead to Jesus? How many people are saved because you preached to them. Beloved there are somethings that grace cannot do for us that we must do ourselves. 

Beloved, if God should call you home now, what report do you want to give?
If God is to mark your script now, what will be your score? What will heaven record concerning you? Beloved is God really happy with the way you are living your life? We only look forward to receive what is in the hand of God, many of us don't have time to look up to His eyes and know maybe the giver is really happy with us or not. What have you ever done for Jesus beloved? What can people point to that You have done for Jesus? Beloved God is crying out for revival and searching for man, do you hear Him calling you. God is set to replace men and women who refuse to quickly repent, will you allow Him to replace you? 

We need to cry out for genuine repentance, not the one we have today and lose it tomorrow. Not the one we have today and still go back to our old lifestyle tomorrow.
We need to cry out for the Holy Spirit revival as of old. We need the fire of God to push us out to manifest for Jesus.

2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land".

Thanks for reading, 
  God bless you.

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