Making Exploits in Your World

You are called to impact your world, locate your world and cause a massive impact. Your world is waiting for your impact.

Nobody is called to be a nonentity expect you choose to be. You choose your fate in the school of destiny. 

Don't die in that valley waiting to be empowered, you have been empowered to do exploit. Go out and cause a great shake in the valley of your dry bones.

You are the prophecy God has been waiting for you. You are the voice of hope of many generations, the repairer of breaches and the restorer of path for people to dwell in.

God did not create you as a dummy but as a weapon and arsenal to destroy the works of darkness. You are the image of your Master; Jesus. You are meant to scatter the operation of the wicked one, you are meant to heal the sick and cleanse the lepers.

You have the Holy Spirit in you, angels are assigned to you, you are seated at the right side of Jesus, you are called god, you Have God inside of you. Yet you are waiting for someone else double portion. What have you done with the one inside of You?

No man has an excuse for not making a massive impact on earth except the excuse you create for yourself.
Jesus said, as the Father has sent Me, so I send You... You have been anointed and ordained to do exploit, refuse to be ordinary.

Our impact must be massive, why? Jesus said GREATER WORKS THAN THIS SHALL YOU DO.

The world awaits your greater works. Greater works than Elijah, Greater works than Joshua, Greater works than Enoch, Greater works than Paul the Apostle.

With all your impartation and laying of hands, what shaking have you done? You don't need impartation here and there else you will become imparted with demons.

All the resources of heaven are at your disposal, what else do you need? 
Jesus will not die twice because of you, no sir, no ma. His death settled everything you want and need.

Devil has seized you in that camp enough, you must cry out to him, "let me go" as God said to Pharaoh.
Let me go and cause a massive impact. Let me go and do exploit, let me go an manifest in my world, the world need to see Jesus let me Go.... Can someone scream that to the devil.... Let me Goooo. You can't hold me anymore, I have a promise land to conquer and possess. Don't die as a begger. Beggers have no inheritance in the kingdom of God.

Stop hiding and dying in silence. The gifts and talents are for manifestation.

You have dwelled long on that mountain beloved, you must breakthrough. But you don't breakthrough if you are not willing to take your possess and wrestle for what belongs to you.

We are in a kingdom of warfare; where warfare has been legalized.
No one is called to be feeble but called to be a warrior.
You don't play game with the devil that doesn't want you to locate your world but you destroy him with your weapons of prayer.

On the altar of prayer, we wrestle and muzzle out what belongs to us. We insist on what has been given to us. We crush that devil and crush that demons that is standing on the way. We sink every wall of Jericho. We walk on every water of limitations and fly above those mountains. We command the ground to swallow the devil and his cohort.

Stop magnifying that devil. No, he is not as powerful as you see him. He is that toothless dog pretending to be a lion. 
He has no power compared to the power inside of you.

I'm charging you today, go for it. Go for the devil's head and crush it.
Go for that challenges and crush it. Go for that limitations and crush them. Crush them.
Jesus crushed principalities and powers to enthrone you above them. They should not be your challenge... Crush them before they crush you.

Your world is waiting for you. You are a king and your kingdom is waiting for your rulership.

You are not born again to suffer but to reign. You are the son of the Great Monarch of Zion and you are meant to reign.
Redemption don't leave you on the ground but shoot you up. Your place is at the top...
There is too much traffic on the ground level, dare to fly because few are found flying.
Some have left the realm of the sky now operating in the clouds.

That devil has cheated you enough. Is time you break his yoke off your neck, is time you break the chains off your hands and legs.
His time you destroy his burden and burn them to ashes.

Your are called to impact your world. You are called to make a difference in your world. Never settle for anything less. 

Dare to be among those are enlisted in the book of exploit. Dare to be enlisted among the list of dangerous men and women known by the devil.

You don't have another chance. This one chance, why can't you maximize it to the fullest? There is more to your life than what you are experiencing now. There is more to your destiny than what you are seeing now.
See beyond now and catch a gleam of glory that is ahead of you. Never allow that devil to blur your vision because you remain his captive as long as your vision has become blurred. 

You are a possessor of what you have seen in God. Possession happens as you see it and claim it. A man without sight to see his possession will only  be wishing for it and never get it.

Don't die in the corridor of power, in the corridor of influence, in the corridor of exploit and impact. Step out to the stage and show the world what God has deposited inside of you. Step into the room of power and be a partaker of that power.
Power is your bonafide right in this kingdom. Your level of understanding dominion is what defines your rating in the room of power. You can have it the more the understanding of your dominion open up and increase.

Everything you need depends on your willingness and obedience to do what is right and needed. You can't achieve them with your talk only, no sir, no ma.
There is what to do and there is what to obey.
Locate what is to be done and what is to be obeyed.
When you do this, all the fullness of God will be activated in you. 


Your beloved, 
Olaleye Solomon. 

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